Corydon Moose Lodge # 2493

Loyal Order Of Moose

The first Moose Lodge in Indiana on the World Wide Web.

Home of "Big Ugly!"

8th District of Indiana

our address is:

129 Capital St.

Corydon, IN 47112

Phone (812) 738-7302


This is a page about the Moose of Corydon, IN. It was started on 2-1-1998, and now we are 220+ members strong and still growing. The Moose is a non profit organization. When you join the Moose, you don't just join a club, you join a fraternity of friends. The Moose strive to include the whole family in events, dinners, games or just to socialize and have fun.


We have a Euchre tournament every Wednesday night at 7:00 pm. It is $10.00 a team, bring your own partner, or there is someone usally there who wants to play. We have a full kitchen on Wednesday nights, it's the home of our World Famous Moose Burger, and charbroiled "Killer Pork Chops".



Events in October

10-4-99 Lodge Meeting 7:30 pm

10-6-99 Euchre tournament 7:00 pm

10-12-99 Officer Meeting 7:00 pm

10-13-99 Euchre tournament 7:00 pm

10-18-99 lodge Meeting 7:30 pm

10-20-99 Euchre tournament 7:00 pm

10-21-99 Enrollment 7:30 pm

10-26-99 Officer meetting 7:00 pm

10-27-99 Euchre tournament 7:00 pm

10-30-99 Halloween party 2:00pm till ??? Food and fun for all members and there guest. Come and help with the Moose float for the Corydon Parade. We will have music all day with many food specials. Rain or shine, hot or cold, come on down and party like it's "1999".


Remember the lodge is open Monday- Friday at 3:00 pm


Private Policy

The LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE is a private, membership organization.

The general public is not invited to participate in the organizational activities listed on any of these pages.

Only members of a Lodge or Chapter, in good standing, or "qualified" guests are entitled to admittance. All guests must be signed in, cannot make purchases, and must leave when the member leaves. All adult guests shall be identified in some manner to distinguish them as non-members. If the guest is a prospective member, their third visit must be for the purpose of attending an orientation session or an enrollment ceremony.

If you are interested in joining please contact the Lodge or Chapter Office.

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